Friday, 27 April 2007


We are now officially owned by the bank.

The difference:
- we now pay rent to the bank, instead of to HSB.
- we now have a bigger place.
- we now pay less per month than before.

Feels like a win-win. :-) But we'll see how much we spend on heating the darn thing come next winter. We've promised to turn off the computers (all except the server) when we stop using them from now on. We have no phone or internet yet, so the computers will be a non-issue to start with (HOW WILL WE SURVIVE???).

The previous owners had cleaned the place "ok". I would've loved them to clean the walls of the bathrooms, to actually wipe the dust off edges and top of things etc and to use a dust-free wipe when they wiped everything in the kitchen (S and I agreed that must be why every cupboard door looked so "fussy"). So we should probably talk to them about leaving us a nominal sum of 1000 SEK for that, I mean we're paying our cleaners between 2-3000 to clean the apartment.

I should be packing, but instead I've been checking AH in Orgrimar. Yeah, got to keep on top of the market, right? ;-)
Best get going.

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