Sunday, 15 April 2007


We just watched Equilibrium (imdb link). I say - go watch Aeon Flux (imdb link) instead! Much more colour, much more fun, much more story.

Equilibrium was rather pointless, clumsily and hardly satisfactory performed. Gray, quasi-nazi scenography and a story I have seen in too many variants to be able to work up any form of enthusiasm for.

The "resistance" shimmered when you got a glimpse of what it was about (e.g. emotional artifacts), but they lost it all in the many strangely alien full on shoot-outs and guerrilla-like scenes where resistance was slaughtered by the police. This movie could have been so much more, but I get a feeling they flirted too much with potential game producers to care about it (or to afford?).

Emily Watson could've shone and Christian Bale is a cool dude, but that didn't save this movie.

Christian Bale ... John Preston

Sean Bean ... Errol Partridge

Christian Kahrmann ... Officer in Charge

William Fichtner ... Jürgen

Taye Diggs ... Brandt

Emily Watson ... Mary O'Brien

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