Thursday, 26 April 2007

Happier than ever

I am happier than I've been in a long long time (and I'm a generally happy person, mind you). And I'm also more tired than I've been in a long long time.
But we get the keys to our house (OUR HOUSE) tomorrow and we're spending the first night there tomorrow (TOMORROW!) and we're moving our stuff across on Saturday.

I can't sleep, I keep thinking of all the bits and pieces tucked away everywhere that we haven't packed yet and I can't help getting all giddy from thinking of our new life in this new place. I went to bed at 00:30 last night, couldn't sleep, finished reading a magazine, tried to sleep, failed, read a few chapters of my book and finally managed to fall asleep right before 03:00. Only to wake up right before 06:00, same thoughts buzzing around in my head.

A few years ago I wouldn't have been particularly excited over moving houses. I have moved... approximately 15 times the past 17 years, so I know the drill (it's only a house, a place where you put your stuff). But this is the very first time I've actually owned my own place.
OK, I only own half of this one, but it's still big. :-)

I best go pack a few more boxes! :-)

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