Friday, 15 December 2006

Why is it so difficult?

We have no sex life. *grumble*
We work ALL hours, eat at the weirdest hour, spend approximately 2 hours awake together every day.

Why can't I just perk up and feel like it when I have my window of opportunity???

Why must the planets align and have their ascendents in some constellation heard or seen only once in a blue moon for me to muster up the right impulses?


Yesterday I got cross with S for having to explain the connection between having to ask for help with stuff around the house and my sex drive... Why is it like that?
Why can't I just _relax_ and get going with it.
(and why do I have to explain this, isn't this something men should be aware of by now?)

But no, I have to have the house in some form of order, no worse yet, I have to have some form of track record of goodness around the house for it to work! GAAHH!
AND I have to be rested.
AND enough time has to have passed from my last meal.
AND I can't worry about anything.
AND I can't be mad at S.

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