Thursday, 7 December 2006


Oh cool! I just read in the paper that the books I've been listening to in the car for the past few months are going to be filmed. Yay!

I'm surprised and amazed by this story, the story about Arn from Varnhem written by Swedish author Jan Guillou, a historic novel trilogy of when Sweden was shaped into a kingdom. I'm surprised and amazed because it's had me so many times lingering in the car after I've parked it just to hear the end of a chapter, it's had me crying, it's had me laughing (more often crying than laughing, come to think of it). It's kept me awake on a dreadful drive back from Norway, it's kept me cool and collected in the morning traffic jams, it's even made me slow down and not push the speeding limit.

And I'd say hubby owes it a whole heap of lifts from town (I volounteer to pick him up, seeing I've got such good company on the way). :-D

But now they're becoming film, yay! :-)

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Stig said...

But, but, I thought you did it because you loved me. =)

Sleep tight my love, time to let the germs hit the floor... or something.