Thursday, 7 December 2006

Old blog

Hm. I wish I could re-publish my old blog, the one I had at, a gaming site created by some gifted people in Uppsala.

I "archived" it once, by copy-pasting it off the web onto a Word doc, but it's still easier to access in diary or blog format.
Maybe I have to pay my membership fee once more, to get "gold" status long enough to copy-paste the remaining bits?

Other than that my old blog is stuck there, Spogg is a nice site. It sports a number of simple but fantastic games (just what I like), amongst some:
  • Multris (tetris for multiplayer)
  • Popout (pop bubbles of same colour)
  • Sketchorama (draw & guess)
  • Spellbound (words on time)
And then some.
Go test it out, it's free unless you like photo albums, diary and unlimited access to all the games (time limited otherwise).

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