Saturday, 31 March 2007

Avenue Q

We enjoyed a musical show tonight, Avenue Q at Stockholm's Maximteatern.
Lots of fun! And absolutely not for kids. Gosh, never have I heard so many four letter words in a musical or theater before, but hey - it worked. :-) It's a little bit 90's, and perhaps a little bit too American. But I can forgive them for that for the smile it left with me. :-)

The singers were awesome, fantastic voices and I just loved their acting. The fact that it's a puppet-show (Muppets/Sesame Street like) did not prevent the actors carrying the dolls from acting, it was rather cool. :-)

Outstanding voice - Cecilia Wrangel (no web page)
Best acting and pretty darn good voice - Fredrik Lycke
Slick sounding smooth singer - Jakob Stadell

Review in Swedish SvD. Radio interview + photo shoot Rix FM.

Go see if you have a chance. :-)

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