Monday, 30 September 2013


A friend of mine posted a wonderful quote on her brand new blog - "Truly Demi":

I generally don't mind Mondays, but still - anything, any word wich can make a day better is good so I'll adopt this into my own internal "positivitron" part of my brain. :-D

I've recently started comforting myself with the words "I'll do better tomorrow", to help myself to stop dwelling on negative things and events from the past day. Another thing I like to tell myself (over and over) is "it gets better every year". Because it's true. :-)
No single event, or thing, has ever made my life take a turn for the worse - every single year has been better than the previous. Sure enough at times some events cost me dearly and took serious time to process, but BY GOD without them I would possibly never be where I am or who I am.
And I really don't want to be anywhere or anybody else! :-)

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Morskan said...

Japp. Japp. Japp. Tror jag skrivit om det också. Bara skaka av sig det, inte låta det bita fast (för länge).

Bra tanke om måndagar, även om det möjligen är själva söndagkvällen som känns litet tung.

Inte så ofta nuförtiden dock. Det går ju så himla fort så är det fredag igen. Redan i övermorgon faktiskt! :D