Wednesday, 27 March 2013

First char

Oldest son created his first World of Warcraft character the other day. Entirely his creation - "mum, I want to be one of those skeleton dudes", perhaps I should worry about his choice of words there "I want to be.."? 8-)

Initially he wanted to make it a warlock but since that meant he would be wearing a skirt and thus not displaying his skeletal legs he changed his mind and made it a warrior instead. :-D I'm thankful for that since warlocks are the only class I've never played to any level that counts.

I'm quite convinced we won't be playing much with this character since he is many years too young to play WoW still. But we had fun for the better part of an hour just creating the character and walking around finishing the first five or so quests (it was total team work - oldest son did the jumping, youngest son pressed 2 or 3 as required when questing, I did the navigation and reading). 8-)

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