Saturday, 8 December 2012

Five reasons to like my phone - Sony Experia Pro

Sony Experia Pro

Blogger-droid - by Anders Hedström
Amazon Kindle - by Amazon Mobile LLC
Wordfeud - by Bertheussen IT (app)
Sonos Controller App - by Sonos Inc

So the main reasons I like my phone is not actually that it's a decent telephone and that it's got a working camera, slick QWERTY keyboard and a sensitive touch-screen. I like it because it gives me access to other functionality over the wireless network. :-)

Worth mentioning also is that it's just the perfect size, I can fit it in my pocket and use it with one hand. There is a bundle of other useful applications I use as well, but the ones mentioned above are by far the most appreciated. :-D

Downsides? Well, it IS a tad slippery. The cover is high-shine polished plastic, hard enough to get a grip on at times. Have dropped it a few times due to this.

PS. Yes yes I know it's an old model, but you can still buy it if you hurry up. ;-)

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