Friday, 16 July 2010

Beach 2010

My sister just reminded me of one sunny day at Surfer's Paradise on the Gold Coast of Queensland Australia (that's a mouthful! :-D).

For the first time in a long long LONG time a memory from my time in Australia didn't bring me automatically back there. :-D Thank you, three weeks of +30C!
It has gotten to the point where I have removed the "check the forecast" as the last (and first) thing I do every day. There's no need to check the weather, it is going to be warm enough for sandals, skirts and no need for a jacket. :-D Exactly like in Sydney.
No need to be obsessing about the weather when it is reliably good all year through.

Just because of that I betcha this is probably the last day of that kind of weather... 8-)

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