Saturday, 15 August 2009

Chanter or cleric?

When I roll a new character in the closed beta version of Aion online, will I roll a chanter or a cleric? That's the thousand dollar question of the evening.

Chanters are better than clerics for solo play as they can handle more melee as well as heal. But even though they are a little bit hardier than clerics they're pretty useless when the going gets tough and you meet multiple mobs. That means I'd have to pace myself carefully and not advance on the safe side of levelling e.g. focusing on lower level mobs etc. Which in reality is not as much excitement as if you're a little bit ahead of level. Perhaps I should roll a completely different character instead?

These are my options/classes available:
  • The Warrior - templar or gladiator (very much the same as warrior and palladin in WoW)
  • The Scout - assassin or ranger (rogue or hunter in WoW)
  • The Mage - sorcerer or spiritmaster (mage or shaman in WoW)
  • The Priest - chanter or cleric (priest in WoW)
Hmm... perhaps I'll try a ranger instead? Will have to do some more reading before making up my mind. Shouldn't be a problem. Downloading the install and patches seems to be a bit of a task, 6G waiting to trickle down into our house with the speed of a murder snail... *sigh*

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