Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Sunday afternoon

Last Sunday we took a ride in the car in an attempt to catch a shop or two which all closed right about when we got there. We always do that, linger at home until it's almost too late, just to end up in a shop 15 minutes before they close. Well, at least we save some money. :-)

While we were out there we didn't feel like going back so we went for a drive. We were already quite some distance north of Stockholm so we headed out to beautiful Vaxholm. One of the many "suburbed" islands in the near vicinity of Stockholm. We walked around for a bit and found an open restaurant - Restaurant Portobello.

Apart from a very poorly brewed latte and slow service, a fantastic eatery!
It was operated by four elderly Spanish gentlemen, very correct, oozing experience and they treated us with utmost respect despite the casual feel of the place.
It was a truly enjoyable experience to have dinner there, the food was a 7-8/10 on the scale but the atmosphere made up for anything lacking in the food department. These four gentlemen sang to a lady who were celebrating her birthday there, they greeted all the locals with warmth and they were smiling and joking (with style) amongst themselves. All in all something rather unique in this dreary country of ours.

I can't but recommend making your way out there, should you ever be in the neighborhood.

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